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Over the years, best-selling author Annie Bell has taken criticism for the brutal honesty and slanderous details in her writing. Under pressure to deliver a new book to her adoring yet fickle fans, Annie abruptly announces that she plans to write about the one big mystery left in her life: her mother. Shortly after she receives a call from her older sister Ronogh, a small-town shut-in who lives upstate not far from their childhood home, Ronogh has news: their mother is missing.


Annie is forced to return to her hometown to search for her mother, work on her book, and reconnect with her sister. But the mystery deepens when Annie uncovers ceremonial artifacts and ancient drawings alluding to Norse Mythology in her mother’s possessions. Despite Ronogh’s warnings, Annie enlists the town deputy and a local college professor to decipher some of the clues, but with each discovery she grows more confused about her mother’s role in these forgotten traditions.


Spiraling into obsession, Annie struggles to maintain her sanity. When her mother 

materializes, Annie must decide whether to heed the warnings, or step into the darkness in search of the truth.

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the team

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 Lisa Donmall-Reeve

Lisa Donmall-Reeve is the creative director and founder of LDR Creative, an LA based production company that works on film and theatre projects from development through to completion. Lisa has won multiple awards including the Pan African Film Festival Award for Best Documentary for their feature length film, ‘Uprooted - The Journey of Jazz Dance’ which had its’ World Premiere at Lincoln Center’s Dance on Camera Film Festival. Lisa migrated from a successful and extensive career in theatre, which armed her with all the essential transferable skills for producing. She is a true collaborator with a passion for storytelling.    

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Noor Gharzeddine

Noor Gharzeddine is an award-winning filmmaker living between NY, LA and Beirut. Her bilingual debut feature, ‘Are You Glad I’m Here’, traveled to over 20 film festivals world-wide and won numerous awards before being released theatrically and online. She was a member of the 2019 Artist Academy at Lincoln Center and recently joined Lief’s roster of new talent.  Noor is drawn to films that blend hyper-realism with absurdity, and tragedy with comedy. She has a BA in Film and Electronic Arts from Bard College, where she had the privilege of studying under influential filmmakers such as Kelly Reichardt, Ben Coonley and Peter Hutton.

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Matt Bailey

Matt Bailey is an award-winning actor and screenwriter. A California kid at heart, his career as a storyteller began as an actor, performing in over 30 states, as well as on and off-Broadway. Onscreen, his credits include ‘Boardwalk Empire’, ‘The Path’, as well as several feature films.  As a screenwriter, he has penned over twenty scripts, including DIVIDENDS, AMERICAN MALADY, and WHEN THE CONFETTI FALLS. His latest feature REDWOOD FALLS was a Finalist at the 2021 Austin Film Festival.

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Matt Simpkins

Matt is an award-winning cinematographer and colorist. He is the co-founder of On The Rocks Films, where he serves as the Creative Director and Resident Director of Photography. While enjoying a successful career as a performer, Matt discovered a love for photography, and his interest in cameras, films and visual storytelling led him behind the scenes. 


Since then, Matt has shot, directed and produced numerous shorts and a feature length documentary, ‘Uprooted’, which premiered at Lincoln Center’s Dance on Camera Film Festival in New York. 



Greg Roderick

After over 20 years in the Broadway theater community, Greg is now the co-owner of On The Rocks Films, a boutique production company based in New York City. Working as a producer, editor, assistant director and script supervisor, Greg has completed over 20 films, in both the documentary and narrative fields. 


As editor, his work has screened at 32 film festivals worldwide, garnering awards for his team and nominations for best editing. Some award winners include ‘Early Mourning’, ‘Free’, ‘Talismans’, ‘For Better’, ‘Paternal Instinct’, and ‘The Blizzard’.



Melanie Waldron

Melanie is a producer, director, writer, actor and professional fundraiser. She is passionate about storytelling through a diverse lens. Her own films have focused on women and queer perspectives. 


As a fundraising professional, Melanie consults nonprofit organizations on strategic fundraising, with a focus on the importance of impactful storytelling at events. She lives in New York City with her wife and two furry daughters. 


Vibecke Dahle Dellapolla

Vibecke is a producer, photographer and choreographer. Her extensive background in dance and theater inspired her to explore the world of photography and producing both film and theatrical productions. She is executive producer on the feature length documentary “Uprooted”, the journey of Jazz Dance. She is Associate Producer on the short film “Double Exposure”. Her current theatrical project is co-producing the world’s first Theremin Audio Musical “Falling in love with Mr. Dellamort”. Her passion for storytelling and teamwork are important factors for choosing her projects. 

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c a s t

Trieste Kelly Dunn (Annie Bell)

Dunn first rose to prominence on the FOX TV series Canterbury's Law as Molly McConnell opposite Julianna Margulies. Her early film roles included critically lauded turns in United 93 (2006), Cold Weather (2010) and Vacation! (2010). She has also appeared on Fringe as Valerie Boone, the victim of a scientific experiment in the episode "Midnight", and also guest starred on HBO's Bored to Death. In 2014, she portrayed FBI Agent Elizabeth Ferrell on the TV series Believe concurrently with her co-starring role as Dep. Siobhan Kelly in Banshee. In late 2015, Dunn began a recurring role as U.S. Marshal Allison Knight, on the NBC drama Blindspot. In 2015, she played Natalie, a recurring character in the single season of Almost There, on Audience. Dunn has also appeared in guest roles on episodes of a number of other television series.


IMDB: Trieste Kelly Dunn

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